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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Select the model you want to build, click the model. You will see a 3D dynamic drawings of the model.
2. Then click build on the top right. JIMU app tells you which servo and connector parts to use. When putting parts together, make sure you hear the snap-in sound.
3. Use the part on the top right screen to continue building your robot.
4. Build your robot step by step by following the 3D dynamic drawings.

1. After building your JIMU character, connect it to the app using Bluetooth. If a sensor is included with your character, then you have the option to use it in the coding section.
2. Find the IR sensor underneath the Events tab. By taping on the dropdown menu, you can change sensor’s condition to greater than, less than, equal to or not equal to.
3. You can adjust the sensor’s range condition by taping the number at the end of the block. Then hold and drag the button to the desired number.
4.To loop your code, use the “Go to start” function and this will allow your Jimu to repeat the code you just created.
Once you run the code, you will see the sensor’s reading in the top right corner.
5. Now your Tankbot can sense and carry objects.

1. Loosen the two fasteners on the Main Control box and remove the battery for 1-2 minutes.
2. Re-seat the battery back into the control box and press it firmly to make sure its seated correctly. Secure the battery by replacing the two fasteners.
3. Plug in the charger/adapter to charge the battery for 1-2 hours until it turns solid green (should be solid red while during normal charging status).
4. If this does not work the first time around, try the first couple steps a few more times to see if you get better results.
5. Please contact our customer service for help if the battery still not working after the above re-seat process.
Customer service email:
Customer service line: +1 800-276-6137

There are enough spare fasteners in the fastener box for you to use and you can also call our 1 800-number or email to our service email for help if you need more.
Customer service email:
Customer service line: +1 800-276-6137

A servo is the motorized joint of the Jimu Robot; it is the key for the Jimu Robot to perform movements.
Each servo has:
1. Servo ID
Each servo has an ID number to distinguish it from other servos.
2. Slots
There are 5 slots on the servo with which the rudder can be spliced, named “ABCDE”
3. Rotatable Rudders
The rudders of the servo can rotate.
4. 3-Pin ports
Energy and information can be transmitted between the Main control box and servos

1. “The angle of Servo {0} is beyond its range, re-modify to continue”
a. Through the app, adjust the servo angle back to normal according to the prompts(-120° to 120°is acceptable )
b. Re-link the APP and JIMU mode to check

2. “Sorry! There was an error reading a Servo, try again”/”Servo IDs of model and robot don’t match”
a. Check if the actual model is exactly same as that in APP
b. Check all servos are linked correctly and connected to Port 1-5 in MC.
c. Link it up if there is servo unconnected
d. Re-link the APP and JIMU mode to check
3. “Servo {0} control failed, check whether there are abnormal Servo connection?”
a. Reconnect the servo based on the servo ID shown in APP
b. Re-link the APP and JIMU mode to check
4. “The Servo ID is repeated” Check the answer of “ when do you have to modify servo ID and how can you do it”5. “Abnormal temperature of Servo ID {0}”
a. Power off the JIMU and reboot after a while
b. Reboot JIMU, APP and Bluetooth then reconnect.
6. “Servo ID {0} doesn’t match, need upgrade”
a. Make sure that ID and the quantity of servo motors are corresponding in the mock-up and the model in APP
b. Please check whether the servo motors’ connection lines of the model are reliable or not
c. Make sure your mobile phone has network access, JIMU robot has more than 50% battery and wait till the upgrade process completes

1. Connect your main control box with a switch and the servos that you want to change ID for
2. Turn on the switch and open your Jimu app
3. Find the Setting icon by tapping the left upper corner icon in Jimu app main interface
4. Tap the Setting icon and find “Modify Servo ID”, tap “Modify Servo ID” and find the red Bluetooth icon on the right upper corner of your screen
5. Tap the Bluetooth icon to connect your phone with the MC box and type a
Servo ID number (between 1-32) that you want to change to

1. For your own safety, please do not use the robot when charging
2. If you still insist using the robot, please turn off the ”Charge protection” function in the setting section of your Jimu app

1. After building your Jimu and connecting it with Bluetooth, go to the Coding tab on the right side and you can choose different tabs from Start, Actions, Moves and Control to build your own blockly program.
2. Simply click, hold and drag your selection into place in the order you want, making sure that the top tab of each move is aligned with the bottom recess of the action before it.
a. The blue blocks are the pre-programmed official Jimu moves, and also include any new moves that you created and saved.
b. The yellow blocks allow you to make up addition moves on the spot
c. The grey blocks allow for conditional if-then actions and reactions, so you’ll need to state both the conditional action and the desired response.
3. Tab “Start” to make your Jimu move by following your blockly program
Please check “Programming” part in the PDF Tutorial material for details.

1. After building your Jimu and connecting it with Bluetooth, go to the action tab on the right side and tap “new action” tab on the left bottom side
2. Tap the red circle icon on the left side of your screen (all servos will be powered-off and free to move by doing this), manually change any servo’s angle (between -118 degree to 118 degree), tap the red icon again (all servos will be powered-on and freeze as its current pose)
3. Repeat step 2 for several times to get a series of movement. You can also copy, paste and delete your movement by tapping the right upper corner icons

1. After building your Jimu and connecting it with Bluetooth, go to the action tab on the right side and tap “new action” tab on the left bottom side
2. You will see servos from 1-6 or 1-7 or 1-16 depending what model you have. Drag the servos that you want to the middle area of the screen
3. Tap the servos that you dragged in the previous step to change it’s angle (from -118 degree to 118 degree); you can also change its rotation time by tapping the gear icon
4. Repeat step 3 by changing different servos to make a movement that you want. You can also copy, paste and delete your movement by tapping the right upper corner icons

1. Turn on your iOS or Android device Bluetooth
2. Make sure your Jimu main control box is connected with a switch and the switch is on
3. Open your Jimu app and select the official model that you built;
Tap the red Bluetooth icon on the left bottom corner of your screen
a. For iOS users—find your Jimu named as “Jimu_(last 4 digits of the Mac address),” which is the number on the sticker above not below the barcode
b. For Android users—find your Jimu named as “12 digits of your Jimu Mac address”
Tap the the Jimu name that shows up in your screen to connect it;
4. Update servos and main control box if needed. If the Jimu cannot be found, follow the instructions prompted on the APP. Sometimes it’s a simple as a loose connection; sometimes wires are plugged into the wrong outlet
5. After you manually connect your Jimu for the first time, all you need to do is tap on the red Bluetooth icon and hit connect.