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Schools Nationwide are Using Jimu for Learning

Programming is Poetry.

STEM learning with Jimu Robots enables kids to learn coding from a young age. In a few years everyone will be expected to have programming skills. Jimu Robot Kits will enable your child to learn and retain basic coding skills for their future academic and real world applications.

Jimu Club & STEM Curriculum in California Schools!

Learning to code is fun and easy when it is at your pace.

Jimu Robot Kits offer a wide variety of challenging builds. Perfect for anyone just starting out, all the way up to aspiring Jimu Masters.

Code. Explore. Discover.

Jimu Robots are the award winning interactive robotic building block system for ages 8 and up.

Engage in hands-on STEM with Jimu Robot Kits!

BuilderBots Kit
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AstroBot Kit
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BuzzBot & MuttBot Kit
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TankBot Kit
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MeeBot Kit
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Explorer Kit
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Inventor Kit
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Animal Add-On Kit
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