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What is Lynx with Amazon Alexa?

Lynx with Amazon Alexa is a voice-activated, video-enabled, intelligent, humanoid robot designed by UBTECH Robotics, the leading AI and robotics company.

What is the intended age range?

Lynx is meant for ages 14 and up.

How big is Lynx?

Lynx is 17.3 inches tall, 8.6 inches wide and 4.8 deep. Lynx weighs 5 lbs.

Is Lynx a real robot?


Are Lynx and Amazon Alexa the same thing?

No. Lynx is a state-of-the-art humanoid robot with the brains of Alexa. The Alexa software enables Lynx to perform many skills that, when combined with Lynx's hardware, creates a highly advanced robot companion.

What types of Amazon Alexa skills can Lynx perform?

Lynx can perform many Alexa skills including play music from Amazon Prime Music, search showtimes, check traffic, weather, and news reports, set timers and order products from Amazon. Other skills like calling or texting, setting reminders and listening to third-party music providers like Spotify and Pandora are currently not available. As Alexa evolves with addtitional skills, Lynx will also evolve.

How does Lynx work with Amazon Alexa?

For Alexa-related skills like news, weather, shopping and informational searches, simply start your request by saying the word "Alexa." For Lynx skills, begin by stating "Alexa, ask Lynx to" and then complete the sentence with the desired request. In either case, please pause between the term Alexa and your command until you see Lynx's eyes turn blue, so Lynx can hear your full command. The app can help you if you need extra assitance.

Why do I have to say "Alexa" at all?

The Amazon software was programmed to respond to the term Alexa.

Can Lynx connect to other smart home products?

Yes. Lynx can connect to other Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

How much does Lynx cost?


Is Lynx an expensive, intelligent humanoid robot?

The technology involved in creating a bipedal robot is significant. Lynx is the first-of-its-kind and delivers excellent value, given the current cost of creating realistic intelligent, humanoid robots with the added smarts of Amazon Alexa.

How does Lynx charge?

To charge Lynx, connect the charging cord to the adapter and the adapter to the battery. A flashing blue light on LYNX's chest means the robot is charging. Five solid blue lights on the back of the robot means the robot is fully charged.

Does Lynx have bluetooth capabilities?

Yes. Lynx connects through Bluetooth, but also requires a Wifi connection after the set-up process.

Do I need to connect my Lynx to my home Wifi network?

Yes. In set-up mode, Lynx will prompt you to connect to Wifi through the Lynx Robot app.

What happens if my Wifi connection is interrupted?

Lynx's eyes will blink yellow when it no longer is connected to wifi. While select Lynx skills can work without a wifi connection, most skills do require a wifi connection.

Where are the volume controls?

Lynx's volumes controls are located on the top of its head.

What kind of battery does Lynx use?

Lynx includes one lithium ion battery.

How long is the battery life?

Lynx will operate for about a hour before needing additional power. The blue light indicators on the back of the robot show its current power level.

Do I need any special tools to assemble Lynx?

No. Lynx requires zero assembly.

What languages can Lynx understand and speak?

Currently, Lynx can understand and reply in American English.

Can my Lynx communicate with other UBTECH products?

Currently, only humans can actively interact with Lynx

How does Lynx move?

Lynx was built with 18 degrees of freedom using state-of-the-art digital servos and hardware from UBTECH Robotics. Lynx can move forward, backward, left and right. The neck and arms can also move. The robot's hands aren't able to grip objects at this time.

Can Lynx hold my drink?

No. Lynx cannot grip items like glasses.

How does Lynx move?

Lynx was built with 18 degrees of freedom using state-of-the-art digital servos and hardware from UBTECH Robotics. Lynx can move forward, backward, left and right. The neck and arms can also move. The robot's hands aren't able to grip objects at this time.

What do all the different colors of lights mean when I talk to Lynx?

Lynx's eye color changes depending on the robot's activities. To better understand what going on behind the scenes, here's a review:
MAGENTA: Lynx is ready for set up
SOLID BLUE: Lynx is listening to your voice. This mode comes after hearing the word "Alexa"
SPINNING BLUE: Lynx is processing your voice command. When this process is complete, Lynx should begin to respond. If Lynx doesn't, say "Alexa" and repeat the command again.
YELLOW: Lynx is not connected to Wifi.

Can I take Lynx outside?

Lynx is meant for in-home use. Certain outdoor conditions like rain could damage Lynx's advanced technology.

What is Surveillance mode?

Surveillance mode is a special Lynx skill that is easy to use. Simply schedule a time you'd like Lynx to monitor its location on the app, ensure Lynx is plugged in and Lynx will send a 30s video during this time, whenever its PIR sensor is triggered by movement or noise. These videos will be visible to you through the Lynx Robot app.

What is a PIR sensor?

A PIR motion sensor is used to sense movement of people, animals and other objects. You can view Lynx's PIR sensor on the right side of its upper torso just below the mute button.

Are my photos and videos secure?

We make every effort to ensure Lynx's data is safe and secure. Photos and videos taken by Lynx are encrypted while being sent through the internet and while it is stored in a cloud platform. We use high-grade Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant encryption algorithms, designed to protect and secure your content from end to end.

Will Lynx take photos of me or record my conversations without my permission?

Lynx only performs actions authorized on the Lynx Robot app by its owner. Lynx will never take photos or videos without authorization from the app user.

What is the Lynx Robot app?

The Lynx app guides you through the set-up process for your robot, including robot registration. It also allows full access to Avatar and Surveillance modes.

Is the Amazon Alexa app also required for Lynx to function properly?

Yes. To use Lynx properly, please download the Amazon Alexa app and enable the Lynx skill. Please download the Lynx Robot app as well.

Where can I download these apps?

These apps can be found on either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

What platforms does the Lynx Robot app support?

The Lynx Robot app is supported on both Android (versions 4.4 and up) and iOS (versions 8.0 or later) devices. To find app requirements, go to or To locate the app, search for "Google Play Lynx Robot" and "App Store Lynx Robot.

Should I attempt to make my own repairs?

It's important to alert the trained UBTECH Robotics service team if you are experiencing an issue with Lynx. Please contact us

Will Lynx automatically update its firmware?

Yes. After connecting to Wifi, Lynx will receive automatic firmware updates.

Does Lynx have a warranty?

Yes. We value our customers, so UBTECH Robotics offers a one-year limited warranty.

My Lynx can't hear me speak to it, what do I do?

To ensure Lynx can hear your commands, please turn down any environmental noises such as music or walk closer to the robot. Lynx will only respond to commands after hearing the name Alexa, which will trigger the robot's eyes to turn SOLID BLUE. If Lynx's eyes aren't SOLID BLUE, say Alexa again.

My Lynx robot doesn’t speak, what do I do?

If Lynx hasn't responded to your command, try the request again. The sequence should begin by saying Alexa, and beginning your request after the robot's eyes have turned SOLID BLUE. The robot's eyes will turn a SPINNING BLUE color when it is processing your request.

I am speaking through my smart device in Avatar and nothing is happening, what do I do?

Locate the microphone button at the bottom of the app screen. Make sure this button is turned on, so you can speak through Avatar mode.